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from painting to chalkboard

I’m proud to present my DIY chalkboard! If been wanting to do this project for quite some time but never had the time or will to do it. But hay, hay, hayy! Your girl done did it. This project cost me about $30 for the materials. All I needed was chalkboard paint that I bought at Walmart and a paint roller. The canvas board was something I had laying around at home (IKEA Vilshults, $49.99) and so I thought instead of throwing it away might as well re-use it. It took me about a couple of days because I really wanted the paint to completely dry and truth be told I sometimes forgot to do another coating. I did about 4 coats to achieve the solid black look to fully cover the painting that was underneath. It turned out exactly how I wanted it and I can’t wait for the many doodles my daughter and I create on it!

I hope this inspires you because a little work never hurt nobody!