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put a bow on it

My daughter’s baptism was another excuse to get my creative juices flowing. A party means lots of planning: venue, food, and favours. My mom has always been in charge of giveaways which is usually a Bath & Body Works Hand Soap — bought during sales and stocked up for occasions like these — wrapped in plastic gift wrap with a curly ribbon. I loved that idea so I took it from there. It was hard figuring out what exactly I wanted to place in the gift wrap that’s both low at cost and completed in less than a week. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I stumbled upon a candle giveaway and knew it was the one. A candle which symbolizes the Light of the World. Light warms and encourages, it gives safety and illuminates the way ahead. I love it! So I went ahead and put a bow on it. 


Wired Ribbon – Pink



Glue Gun


  1. Wrap the base of the candle with the wired ribbon and securely glue it down.
  2. Here’s instructions on how to create the Pinwheel Bow. Instead of a jumbo clip, I wrapped the ribbon around four fingers then cinched the middle. The wire in the bow makes it easy to hold the shape.
  3. Glue the bow onto the candle covering where the ribbon ends meet, allowing for a more finished look.

Love to Know

I had to make about 60 favours but time flew for me when I was in the zone. To save time I created a bunch of the Pinwheel Bows first then assembled the candle. Invite some of your girlfriends over to help or spread the work for the next few days. 

What are some of your time-saving tips when tackling a DIY project?