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Love To Do’s

I want to start sharing my Love To Do’s because, well, everyone loves sharing a good clothing haul, why not share activity based hauls?

Now we’re still in this weird quarantine times so socializing is still restrictive in some places (aw man! *sarcasm*). Luckily, I love doing things in smaller groups – even better, I love doing things with just my family. Here are a few things that I’ve been loving and have been keeping me high spirited!

  • Going for long walks by water
  • Going for long walks surrounded by trees
  • Starting a passion project: side business/hustle (not a fan of that word but you get it)
  • Researching for your passion project – This has been my biggest time consumer. I love diving real deep into a subject and just trying to find everything and anything about it. *Warning* Try not to over research or you’ll feel overwhelmed and get to scared to even start!
  • Breathing deeply for 1-5 minutes
  • Finding a mantra that you want to focus on for the next 3 months. I’ve been focusing on my family’s financial goals!
  • Documenting the journey. I recently (okay, not so much recently but more like 2 months to this day) have been vlogging my daily activities and just documenting my journey to my life’s purpose. I have no set niche but I’m starting to see a clearer direction and that’s honestly all I could ask for!
  • Making a financial goal. This one has become a game to me. I’m seriously enjoying finding ways to bring in more income, saving money and just challenging myself!
  • Tracking progress. This kind of links with documenting the journey but here I’m talking about having an excel spreadsheet of hard numbers. For example, seeing your debts gets smaller and smaller. Your reps/sets/weights getting bigger and bigger. This is providing you a visual and true information that in returns gives you all the real good feelings!
  • Tarot Card Reading. No need to be a pro but when you find a deck that suits your aesthetics and inspires you just by looking at the art – you’ve won!
  • Slowing Down. With everything that’s going on in regards to my passion project sometimes I forget to slow down. I love leaving my phone in a room and spending time with family, internet-free! I get to notice the smallest things my kids do and it’s so emotionally fulfilling!
  • Drinking Water. To be more specific, brushing my teeth then chugging cold Santiva filtered water! Super refreshing!
  • Learning. I have been recommended to check out the Enterprise Centre in St. Catherines to really learn more about running a small business and I’m loving it! Free, high quality information given to me through webinars in the comfort of my pajamas. More please!
  • Garage Sale. Tis the season! I’ve been on the hunt around the Niagara Region for great estate sales and have found amazing items. Beautiful bar cart for $5. Vibrant green ottoman for $5. And so much more! Great for the sellers, great for my bank account.

Well I hope this list brought new ideas to you. I really enjoyed all of these small things and I hope you do too!

So I want to know,

What have you been loving?