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not another mason jar

I’ve been obsessing over coconut oil. The way you can use it on your face and body or even in the kitchen for cooking. There’s many articles listing the benefits and different uses of coconut oil so I won’t bother you with that. However, I am here to share with you how I store it. Since I buy it in bulk I wanted to have coconut oil easily accessible without the large container taking up my wash room. So what better way to store it than in mason jars! I’m a minimalist but I encourage you to show off your creativity with this mini project.


Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil

Mason Jar



Cardstock Paper – white

Double-Sided Tape

Hole Puncher

Sharpie Fine Tip Marker – black


Martha Stewart Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer 12′


  1. Using the Paper Trimmer or scissors, cut the card stock into a shape of a tag. I didn’t use any specific measurements for this part, eye-balling did the trick. It was about 2 inches x 1.5 inches.  I would make sure that the size isn’t too big or too small in comparison to the mason jar.
  2. Repeat Step. 1. but this time cut the burlap into a tag. I made it a little bit bigger so it would create a border for the card stock tag.
  3. Stick the card stock and burlap together by using double sided tape. I find that the glue gun made it lumpy and a glue stick didn’t stick well. Then hole-punch the side of the tag for the twine thread to go through.
  4. This part you can be more creative with it. I searched the definition of coconut oil and wrote it exactly how it shows in the dictionary. Go all out if you want!
  5. Cut about 11 inches of twine and wrap it around the jar. Sew the twine through the tag then tie a knot or bow to finish it off.
  6. Fill ‘er up with coconut oil or your choice of oil/loose item. 

And there ya have it! A simple and easy way to store oils or any loose items. You can showcase them in your wash room, kitchen, or vanity desk, or give it away as favours/gifts.

Love to Know

I love using coconut oil as:

  • deep hair conditioner: slather that baby all up in there, rinse and repeat!
  • lip moisturizer: light and tasty
  • eye make up remover: 2-in-1 cleanser and moisturizer

What are your top 3 uses for coconut oil?