inhale and exhale

Letting go is hard. But feeling like you’re being suffocated and holding onto a bag of rocks over your shoulder is even harder. Learn how to let go one rock at a time and just breathe.


Writing has been an amazing outlet and habit to have. With no one but yourself reading it, it’s liberating to just let all the knots and loose ends out. I write until I don’t have anything else to write about. I write sentences that were incomplete and doodle loopy objects all over the pages. Write until there’s nothing left for you to say. Write until you come across reasoning and not emotions. Don’t be afraid of being judged. Don’t hold back. I had no shame and was fearless when it came to writing. I was truthful in my words which eventually lead me to my truth. I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. I learned to control my thoughts with this practice. By being in control of your thoughts you begin to see patterns you want to kick out and ones you want to keep. You will notice eventually that you are using so much energy on one topic that you begin to mentally discipline yourself to write something else. Why waste paper? It’s about quality now. Write!

2. Read

I read a lot of articles online. Some made me think more negatively and others helped me understand. Google can be your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. Keep the search bar positive. Also, as I’ve mention before I read a lot of books related to creativity, writing, and self-development. Reading not only relaxes you but opens up to new things which will get you out of your comfort zone and push you towards the right direction. Read to learn and learn to change.

3. Play

Life shouldn’t always be taken seriously. Cherish the relationships you have with people who have roughed it out with you through your tough times and laughed through your great times. They are the ones that will distract you from the little stuff in your life. They will open your eyes to the bigger picture. Go out and have dinner with your girlfriends, window shop with your cousins or watch a television show with your parents. Have fun with others. Remember that family and friends are forever. Healthy distractions, healthy life.

4. Write

I can’t stress how much writing de-stresses you. Write. Write. Write. Write!

5. Pray.

Nothing made me feel lighter than having a conversation with Him. I shared with Him my fears, my worries, my dreams and my love. Even when I don’t say anything, just the thought of someone listening and hearing my inner most deepest thoughts always calms me and helps me to be at peace. It’s reassuring to know that you don’t need to speak sometimes and to know that you are not alone, that someone understands and loves you for you. Unconditionally.

6. Forgive.

I dislike the feeling of heaviness. I keep asking myself, “Why are you holding on to that thought? Why are you holding on to that feeling?”. I actively ask myself open ended questions to help me understand why I feel the way I feel. Once I understand I make it my absolute top priority to forgive. Forgive the situation that I can’t change. Forgive myself for having this setback. Forgive everything and everyone. When people say to forgive it doesn’t mean to brush it off and go on with your life as if nothing happened. To me forgiveness means seeking to understand the problem, asking questions that would lead to a positive outcome, then move forward by doing better! Forgiveness is accepting the past (every little bit of it) and changing your self positively in order for your surroundings to reflect what is inside of you, which will ultimately open up the next door: Life lived truest to you.

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