Difficult Day

Today was difficult.

Something about today made me more anxious than other days. Maybe it’s social media with the horrible news that’s happening in America. Maybe it’s the lack of water consumption. Maybe it’s the hormones.

In times like this, I know the best approach is to slow down.

I want to share what’s been helping me ground myself during everything and I hope that you know it’s okay to step back for your own mental health.

My go to practice is WRITING. Writing is a private self expression where no one needs to know what the heck you’re writing about. Writing in your journal liberates you to release every feeling in of you. Writing is probably the most common practice an individual deep diving into self-development is doing. Writing is good!

Next is affirmations. To be more specific Financial affirmations. We’re living in unknown times right now and to be financially free and flexible is to say the least – peaceful. Here’s one of my favourite affirmation I repeat twice a day and say each one 3x:

  1. I am worthy of having more wealth.
  2. Financial Freedom is my birthright.
  3. Money comes to me easily and harmoniously.
  4. I am a powerful money magnet.
  5. My net worth is growing exponentially.
  6. My life is full of prosperity and abundance.
  7. I am grateful to be financially free.
  8. Money leads to happiness for myself and those around me.
  9. Money is rooted in good and leads to peace.
  10. I am a thriving and wealthy person
  11. My opportunities are lucrative and plentiful.
  12. My loved ones are happy to see me wealthy.
  13. I am the master of my own money.
  14. Being wealthy feels amazing.
  15. There is plenty of money to go around.
  16. It feels wonderful to have financial flexibility.

Now the secret here is not just saying it but believing it’s true. Trust me!

Lastly, TAROT READING. Yup, I’m one of those and proud of it. I purchased the Muse Tarot desk by Chris-Anne in the beginning of the pandemic and it’s been the best purchase thus far! The art of each tarot makes you feel something and honestly inspires you to think, which is why it’s called “The Muse” deck, duh! 🙂 Of course the art isn’t what I bought it for, it’s the message behind each one. Every day pulling our a daily tarot card to reflect on makes you that much more reflective or more attuned to looking for that message of hope, light and love. Tarot is practicing self-reflection and what’s more grounding than that?

I hope these helped you atleast a little as it help me a lot.

Do them or don’t do them.

Always with you,




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