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Today is the day you finally accept the good that has been waiting for you. Yes, You! Those loud roars of Don’ts and Can’ts you hear in your head, release them. They serve no purpose today.

The same as exercising our body for physical strength, it’s time we exercise our self-love starting with observing our self-talk for mental and spiritual strength.

What we say after “I am” is who we are. What we repeatedly say to ourselves, whether good or not so good, becomes validated because we shift every being of ourselves to prove that thought right. We begin to believe it’s true. Our words become our reality and our reality becomes our world.

Our world can go either way:

I am a fool. I am naive. I am weak. I am broken. I am wrong. I am overreacting. I am empty.

Everything shrinks, feel a bit colder and slowly crumbles down.


I am not a fool.

I am brave.

I am not naive.

I have a big heart.

I am not weak.

I am strong.

I am not broken.

I am healing.

I am not wrong.

I am learning.

I am not overreacting.

I am deserving.

I am not empty.

I am enough.

Everything grows, feels warmer and builds on acceptance.

Focus on your words alone and not of others. Your words become your world. That’s why it’s important, almost crucial, you choose words that heal and only speak the truth — your truth!

Happy Monday!

park, park, park!

The little one sure knows how to get what she wants. Driving home from doing some Sunday

errands, we decided to visit the Vine Parkette near home to enjoy the little bit of summer we have left!

Here’s a little snippet of our day.

Used:  Sony E 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 OSS Zoom Lens in Black!


I’m still learning how to get use to this bad boy (the camera lens, not the guy in purple). So far I’m happy

with the results but I know with some practice it can be better. I’ve always been interested in

photography and just recently thought I should start using an actual camera. So here I am!

I’d love for some feedback and suggestions!

lost & found

I had this strong sudden urge to go for a walk. I was feeling a little cloudy in the mind and a little heavy

in the soul. I’ve learned the best thing to do when I’m lost in the memories and lessons of the past is just

walk it off.

The park was a familiar place for me. A little bit too familiar. Inside of me needed something new to see

and feel. So I walked pass the swings, the slides and the benches of my safe zone towards the

unfamiliar. I felt my soul was finally in control and my body was just its’ shadow.

I lost myself in Avenues, Crescents, Drives and Boulevards. I knew deep down inside of me that

eventually I will find my way back but I’m the type of person that needed to leave a trail of bread crumbs

to follow back home and because of this, the fear of not knowing “When” or “How” got the best of me.

Instantly I knew I was meant to be and needed to be exactly where I was — Lost.

I continued on asking for signs, signs not to direct me back but signs as to why I was where I

was. Suddenly I realized why: I felt small. I felt empty. I felt lost. I knew something in me wanted more.

Something in me was seeking significance and purpose. Something in me knew it wasn’t

anything tangible and found here on earth.Something in me knew I had no choice but to lay everything I

thought I knew and everything I thought I was onto trust and faith alone.

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So I began shifting my mind in the here and now, the present moment. This shift allowed me to see and

appreciate the beauty that is around me. The beauty in hearing every leaf sing and dance with the wind

and sweep its’ crispy edges against the pavement. How un-apologetically the flower’s contrasted

brightly against the the dark green vines and broken down wooden fences. And how the clouds silently

smiled down giving everyone and everything both warmth and coolness under its shade. This shift

brought beauty back to me.

I was feeling the flower child tinglies but still had no clue where I was. Just as I was about to give into

fear and turn around to follow my trail of bread crumbs back to safety, I remembered to breathe, keep

walking, trust that I am where I am suppose to be and have a little bit of faith. That’s when I turned the

corner and was brought right back to the familiar.

I felt accomplished and liberated so I decided to remove my flip-flops and walk bare foot. Feeling twigs

scratching the un-callused parts of my feet. The cool stringy feeling of grass. The grainy feel of the dirt

beneath me. Sigh…


I thought I had received all the signs I needed already but apparently I had everything but a loud

aggressive bark of a German-Sheppard. The dog’s bark was a surprise. A good surprise actually. It was a

genuine acknowledgement of my presence. To me the barking was life shouting out — I see you. You are

acknowledged. You are alive!

This is how my spirit speaks to me. I use to think that being sensitive was a burden and a little too much

to handle. But I grew in believing that being a sensitive soul is a gift. It’s a gift that allows you to see past

the surface level and tap into a deeper meaning. This deeper meaning that awakens the soul and makes

you feel alive. My vulnerability to my surrounding opened me up to appreciating the tiniest things and

through appreciation, I saw what my God saw. Most importantly I saw what He saw in me.

Sometimes there’s too much focus on the noise it takes away from rooting the problem for us to refresh

and plant a solution.

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There is too much want and not enough need.

There is too much “should be” and not enough ‘I am”.

There is too much of too much and not enough of being enough.

I believe you don’t need to be religious to experience a spiritual high. All it is is being vulnerable and

open to receive what life has been waiting to give to you. Can you believe that? Life is waiting for YOU.

Not the other way around with you waiting for life to happen. Life is waiting by your side as you stroll

down the street, not at the end of the street. Life is waiting with you while you sit down sipping coffee as

you scroll through your social media accounts, not at the next vacation destination. Life is waiting by

your side now, not later.

Be vulnerable and be open because you never know what you’ll find when you lose yourself.

Happy Thursday!

love stronger


What is love to you?

Love has no right answer. Love is.

Growing up I believed with all my heart that love was a feeling. I believed that if I felt something so deeply and magically — that’s love.

How naive, huh?

As each day passes, a deeper sense of love is seen everywhere and in everything; In the food I eat, the breeze I feel, the smiles I see, the hands I hold, the silence I hear, the words I pray.

It’s difficult to explain as complex as it is. But simple to feel as beautiful as it is.

Love is where you are, not where you ought to be.

Love is seen, felt, made, chosen, done, given differently.

But in the end of it all, it’s love.

At the end of it all, we loved.

So I’m challenging myself to love stronger and I invite everyone to do so as well. To love others with no judgement but with pure intentions of seeing others souls as they are and choosing to respect their journey. We must also be kinder to ourselves. We often forget that the kind words we speak especially to ourselves will change our perspective in the most positive light. This change will over flow onto others in the most authentic and organic way and that to me is the best gift to give.

Wishing you all the best of luck!