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I don’t know about you but the cost of centerpieces are ridiculous. For a one day rental, I just couldn’t justify spending that much for it. If you’re frugal like me and love to get your hands dirty (your hands will be clean for this one, promise) then do-it-yourself!

I go out of my way to make sure that I’m getting the lowest prices for materials. I search and compare online, go store to store, and even wait for sales or closing stores before I purchase anything. At the time, I was able to purchase 36 mason jars at $0.86 each during the Target closing out sale, whereas Walmart was selling them for a little bit over $0.90 each. I know it’s just a few cents but always keep in mind that things add up, plus you feel even better knowing you got the best deal.

Next on my list: burlap and lace. I purchased mine at Nusso Textile Ltd. my official “Burlap Guy“. They sell wholesale fabric, burlap and many other things which you can browse in their store and order or purchase as-is. I personally went for the as-is section because I didn’t want to take the risk of having delays on my order and seriously just wanted to start my project as soon as possible. I have no experience with the ordering process with this company so I can’t provide any feedback regarding that. I was able to purchase a 4” wide Burlap Fabric roll of 100 yard, Burlap roll, and 2 packs of Lace Trims with different patterns all for about $82.00. I honestly don’t know whether this is a great deal or not but I did save cost and time on shipping and handling, most importantly it was convenient.

Without further ado..



Lace Trims


Glue Gun


Mason Jar


  1. Wrap the mason jar with the burlap fabric to measure the length, cutting the excess and glue the two ends onto the jar.
  2. Repeat step 1. but with the lace trim. I made 2 variations with the lace because of the different patterns I had: One set of lace I centered it on to the burlap, showing both the burlap and lace. Another with 2 sets of lace glued on to the edges of the burlap to show more lace and have the burlap be seen through the patterns of the lace.
  3. Cut the twine long enough to wrap it around the mason jar on top of the lace trimming and tie a bow. I glued the bow onto the lace just to prevent it from moving around.

Love to Know

Making your own centerpieces can be super tedious but it’s a great excuse to have a Girls Night In. Wine and Gossip Girl, anyone? This definitely makes the time and process more enjoyable. Also, another plus side to making your own centerpiece is once the event is done and it’s still in good condition you can sell it and make a profit.




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