breathe with me


My soul acknowledges the divine soul in you.

It’s beautiful to see the light in others. You want to help support their growth. You want them to

accomplish all they are capable of doing. You just want more for others.

But what if life smacks you down and gives you a big fat N-O on your forehead. Don’t take it personally,

life just had better plans for you. Life simply said “Not that way”.

For me, life gave me the gift of not moving.


The past few days I was faced with an obstacle of shoulder and neck tension. My upper body couldn’t

move and when I said “please” it replied, “not today”. I was frustrated to say the

least and emotions got the best of me. I was laying in bed thinking, “how will I accomplish what needs to

get done today if I can’t move?”

I felt useless. I felt weak. I felt beaten.

I didn’t understand it at first. Guilt flooded my body only to worsen the pain it was already going


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What’s a mom to do now?

Simple. Don’t move a muscle.

Of course not literally but this experience has taught me to slow down and take care of myself. Small,

slow movements. I was always racing against time and so life decided to give me

the stamp of disapproval. N-O written in red and underlined right on my forehead. Life knew that I

would continue what I was doing and no one would stop me. Life knew I won’t slow

down no matter what. Life knew it was time to teach good ol’ Rach another lesson.

As I gulped my pain killer, it hit me like jabbing your toe onto the corner of the bed …this isn’t the life I

want to continue living. I didn’t want to rely on medication to get me through the

day. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle.

I finally took my time off to really delve into everything that I am. Be conscious of my thoughts and my

habits. See what works and what doesn’t. We announce and celebrate Spring

Cleaning like it’s a big deal so here I am typing from the tip of my fingers…

Time for that annual End of the Summer Cleanse!

Less coffee, more water

Less junk foods, more fresh foods

Less sitting, more moving

Less excuses, more action

Less self-hate, more self-love

Less thinking, more breathing

This is a beginning to the new chapter in my life — Mama’s Yoga Life!


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