breathe in peru

The first thing I searched after clicking on the confirm button and receiving the hotel confirmation email

was “nearest Yoga Studio”. I knew I wanted to participate in a yoga class far away from home to get a feel

for different teachers and just simply take my practice in unfamiliar grounds. And that’s when I found,

Yoga Room Cusco.

Yoga Room Cusco was Kat’s (the Founder) father’s idea. She shares her story on the walls of her studio

and leaves you falling in love:


At Yoga Room Cusco, it’s yoga every damn day! You can catch them weekdays at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm

or Saturdays at 10:00 am and Sundays at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm at 25 Soles per class, about $12

Canadian which is much more affordable than classes in Toronto or you can save more by purchasing

passes. Be sure to arrive early to ensure a spot for the drop-in classes.

I was able to squeeze into their Friday evening Vinyassa class led by Mireille and when I say squeeze, I

literally mean squeeze! Not that this is a bad thing, at least not for me because if you’re accustomed to

practicing with sufficient space to windmill your arms or strike a fierce warrior pose, this may be a

challenge for you as the studio fits a max of 13 mats including the teachers, side by side and you will

stumble upon touching hands or other parts of that matter. As for me, I may be awkward when it comes

to people invading my inner circle but I guess the vacation feels took over and well, I actually enjoyed the

friendly intimacy of the class. The space left no room to feel intimidated, something I’m prone to feel,

instead Mireille welcomed everyone with warmth, admirable techniques and great energy throughout

her class.










We began the class similar to the Ashtanga Primary Series by warming up our bodies with a few Sun

Salutation A and B, continued on to standing then sitting asanas focusing the breath with each

movement. Eventually stretched our way to partner support exercises for those hard to do arm balances

and ended the class strongly with inversions of your choice and Savasana to bring you back to your

breath. Keep in mind that you are practicing in a much higher altitude so please listen to your body.

Child’s pose is your best friend!

I entered the class with no expectation, just an open heart and my own curious energy. I was able to

stretch out the muscles that worked not necessarily too hard but more so, out-of-the-ordinary hard from

the previous days exploring archaeological sites and it gave me a chance to bring all my overwhelmed

thoughts back to me.

An experience like this, an experience so simple, allowed me to stay true to my commitments even away

from home and share some smiles from around the world journeying a similar soul-fulfilling path

even for just an hour. So if you’re ever in Peru pop by, sweat and breathe a lot at Yoga Room Cusco!




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