I’ve been following her for more than a year now and it’s honestly so satisfying watching her decorate and redecorate her home. She started off as a beauty blogger but evolved to a home/skincare/lifestyle profile. If you’re into binging easy to watch, aesthetically pleasing, inspiring and aspiring life, head over to her account now.



Empowering the goddess in you, this is the account for it. The art she creates is simple and strays away from the typical. It’s feminine, it’s strong, it’s posts you would want to stick around your life.



Another blogger who does interior decorating. I don’t usually follow them for their makeup tutorials but moreso their home. Victoria’s another UK based blogger sharing her home and I’m enjoying her colour palette with old country charm.



Ah, the overall feed of her account is just beautifully done. Everyone’s about being the minimalist of the century but this account just pushes all that to the side and brings in all things nature, apothecary, and just darn pretty moody posts.



She creates instastory filters and I am a loyal user of them. Not only does she create filters but she also shares creative ways to express yourself through Stories, whether it’s how to edit a photo or cute minimal giphy’s, she keeps them available to refer back to through Story Highlights.


What are your feel good accounts?


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