trust me, you’re good

Success is different for everyone. 

Defined differently. 

Approached differently. 

Comparison and competition is at it’s all time high as a byproduct of social media. We continue to see the perfect snippets of people’s lives that we undervalue our own achievements, of our own lives. Why praise others and be cruel to ourselves? We need to remind ourselves that some see it as receiving a six figure income. Others see it as an amazing retirement plan. Some see it as completing a marathon. Others see it as just getting through 8 glasses of water a day. 

Success is success. 

The way I see it…
It’s a new day and I woke up on time …Success!
There’s food to heat up to give me energy for the day …Success!
I have an income to provide for my family …Success!
I have a roof over my head …Success!
I have clothes on my back …Success!
I have my health …Success!
You get the point …Success! (Sorry, reflex)

Be grateful for your small accomplishments. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with your journey. 

Everything else will follow.

It’s probably just stuck in the subway due to signal issues.

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