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Who knew there was life outside of Pinterest! I’ve discovered new websites that’ll enhance my blog and help others too.

Learning and creating are the themes of my new discoveries. So here are my most frequently visited website this past month:

be kind (6)

I know this site has been around for a while but it was only this past week that I’ve only stumbled upon it. Ba-dum-tshh. It’s great to see new websites out there that I wouldn’t have been able to find unless I’ve specifically searched for it. You can customize it according to your interests so it will only share websites that fall under that category. And don’t worry, when posting an article, there’s a feature you can click on to ensure that what ever is being shared is appropriate for work so go ahead and stumble in the office. I’ve also been using this as a tool to expand my audience. Just avoid spamming the site. Be real. Share only for the love of kind (5)

Wonder how those Instagram quotes or those beautiful banners displayed in blogs were made? This is it. The one stop site for creating a professional looking photo. With so many features there is no way you can just make one. You pick the design, upload your own photo or use the provided free photos and add on texts, patterns and other crazy stuff. If you don’t have the money to buy Adobe Photoshop or hire a graphic designer, save a few bucks by using this program. There are tons of free features that are very visually tasteful. I can waste my whole day on this site but I’ve got a baby to feed. 
be kind (4)
Blogging is about engaging with your audience. This website allows you to send mass emails to your subscribers in just a few steps. You can create your own campaigns you want sent out and with its easy-to-use design format, you won’t need to be the King of HTMLs. Lately, I’ve been playing around with it to get my Newsletter started. I’ve had frustrating times but only because this is my first time dipping my toes in the coding world. But with lots and lots of patience, I finally got it and it’s not so bad once you get the hang of it. I’m excited to play around more to learn how I can improve with my future projects. So if you want to see what I’ve been working on, SUBSCRIBE! It’s free and free stuff are cool.
There you have it! I wouldn’t say these are my Time-Killers but more Time-Creators. I know how beginnings are usually confusing, tedious and time consuming but now that I’ve gotten to know everything better with practice, it will definitely free up, or should I say, create more time in the future.
I hope this was helpful in some way or another!
Quick, I’ve got some free time before the next diaper change — What are your frequently visited sites? Share!

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