The Love Anyway Project

My reading and writing has opened many doors I never knew were even there. One being my latest pursuit:

The Love Anyway Project

A nonprofit initiative that strives to inspire a community of leadership, hope, faith and most importantly – love. 

I have contemplated whether I even needed to create a new website rather than having it as an extension of my blog. But I wanted to create a distinction between the two. 

My blog is an archive of my thoughts openly shared with others as I walk through my personal journey of spiritual growth and possibly shed some light on others’ own journey. It’s a place where I can creatively express who I am and what I love. My blog is filled with me, I, myself. 

The Love Anyway Project is an open community to make it known to everyone that what we do and who we are is enough. From the small kind gestures to the big grand acts of love. Every action is worth writing. Every action is worth sharing. Every action is worth everything. It’s a community that gives instead of receives. A community that leads with inspiration to share an act of kindness through story. The Love Anyway Project is centered around you, us, ours.

Why The Love Anyway Project?

It stems from the poem “Do It Anyway” by Mother Teresa as it encourages to always do good and have hope in our tomorrows. 

The poem has always lifted me on days where I felt beaten down. I have a never ending list of flaws and lessons and that list has consumed me with anxiety and fear which only made me feel stuck. 

How could I go on when I’ve done this? 

Why should I do it when I’ve done that? 

Everyone has a past. But the past is only there to allow us to learn from them and make way for better decisions. 

I always loved reading stories of trial and victory. Reading stories of how others prospered through their storms always gave me hope and comfort that I’m not alone. I believe that stories have a powerful impact to connect with others. The first thing anyone does when they meet someone new is to tell their story. This is a glimpse to who they are and what they value. This is where they lay a solid foundation to building that lasting relationship. 

Telling a story leaves you vulnerable and we tend to associate being vulnerable as being weak. But it’s the opposite.

Being vulnerable is being brave. You are choosing to let another person into your soul and what happens after is out of our control. Will they reciprocate the feeling or reject it all together? The choice is theirs, not ours.

Being vulnerable takes guts. 

Though this project may look empty and still in need of a lot of work on my part, I want to continue living vulnerably and sharing with you all my beginnings.

Join me as I venture the unknown, the faithful and the brave.

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