new day, new me


April is here!


How’s your, “New Year, New Me”, resolution coming along? I know, I know, it’s more of, “New Year, Same Me”, right? Maybe it’s time to change that approach. Maybe thinking about the upcoming year just brings up stress and energy we just don’t want to use and quitting is looking a bit more attractive through our fear goggles right now.
I know how overwhelming it is to stick to something for one year, six months , ninety days or even three weeks. Let’s face it, we all have commitment issues. Change is scary because it’s uncomfortable and we worry whether the choices we make are right.
But hey, relax.
The best thing you can do right now is to have faith and believe that your future is actually very bright. Do yourself a favor and think of all that is going right in your life at the moment. This small acknowledgement alone will give you a tiny spark of energy. Take that opportunity to run with it.
When you read books that fall under the same category, you begin to see a pattern and that’s simply living in the moment. It’s time for us to take everything day by day. It’s time to remove that “New Year, New Me” home screen wallpaper and begin saying to ourselves out loud…
“New Day, New Me”.
It’s time to reinvent ourselves the moment we wake up. This will show you what your soul really wants. Feed it daily and it will thank you ten folds. Because in a years time you will look back and see growth that’s genuinely true to you.
Happy Friday!

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