meet my date

A little feisty, a whole lot of personality with a Crest-toothpaste-commercial smile. She’s a great date to read a book to in the library and share a blueberry muffin with at Tim Hortons. Just like in every date, you have this set expectation of how everything should turn out. For mothers we all know to throw and wave goodbye to those expectations. I’ve always lived by them, whether good or bad, but now I’ve learned to just accept what comes my way. Maybe it’s all the self-help books I’ve been reading or the endless scrolling in Pinterest for inspiring quotes or that miraculous thing in life called growing up. Whatever it is, I’ve become more aware of my thoughts, more importantly my present thoughts. As easy as it is to just give in to the worries and anxiety that parenthood or those first dates bring along, erase those expectations, replace those thoughts with grateful thoughts and just be in the moment. Parenting is dating your child every day; accepting the unexpected, constantly putting your best foot forward and hoping you’ve made a lasting impression.

She may still be very young to remember any of the things I do for her but by dating my child now I make it a habit and develop a better foundation and relationship with her, as we both grow, learn and just be.

What are you waiting for? Ask that little cutie out!

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