dear olivia


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Your second Christmas is right around the corner, twenty-five days to be exact. You are now fifteen months old and growing to be such a beautiful, intelligent, curious and silly little human being. You will experience your first steps on what you may mistaken for fallen clouds, feel tiny flakes of ice cream land on your rosy cheeks and long lashes, inhale a crisp burst of air that will make your big eyes water. “I am excited” is an understatement that I continue to say because there’s no word in the world that can describe the feeling I feel inside. Together we will build traditions, create inside jokes, share a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. Every year as I set up the Christmas tree you’ll grab an ornament to throw, not to bother me but to show me that life is not about control  and perfection but to have fun and play in the moments we only get to live once together. With the memories we make as you grow older I hope for you to share (only the good ones, okay?) to friends and strangers who cross your path with bright eyes and a grin from ear to ear as you speak, just as I do. Of course there’ll be many days where we’ll get on each other’s nerves, but never forget that I love you unconditionally.

This Christmas let’s cuddle in the couch under a blanket as you drink your warm bottle of milk (glass of wine for me) and cherish the presents that’s not wrapped under the tree but the ones in front of us.

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