dance with creativity

We’re all familiar with the awkward turtle. Upside down on its shell looking up at the ceiling, thinking about its many wrong turns and regrets. Well, to get themselves right back up they use a combination of extending their neck and maneuvering their feet to flip themselves over.
How beautiful is that? When life turns upside down, literally, they don’t just give up. They don’t complain. They solve one of their biggest hurdles in their own creative way. They break dance!
Most problems can be solved through dance. Other times it’s all Creative Problem Solving. 
Here’s how:
Disclaimer: The following story is influenced by real events in the life of the writer.
Imagine a human stepping into their car, changes the gear to reverse, pushes down on to the gas pedal and yikes! They find their little human self stuck on ice. And, instead of focusing and putting work in, they begin to do some contemporary dance then voila! The tires find grip, reverses out of the drive way and drives happily towards the sun.
Pat on the back. High five. Problem solved. The end.
Not so fast, human.
Let’s think like awkward turtles and creatively solve the problem.
First, creative problem solving begins with asking questions. This is where your inner four year-old will shine. Clarify and analyze the problem.
What is the problem?
The humans’ car is stuck on ice with no ice melters in sight.
What needs to be done?
The tires needs to get a grip!
Etc, etc.
Ask as many Who, What, Where, When, How questions until you have enough details and a great understanding of the problem.
Now it’s time to think big and think wild; come up with as many unimaginable, crazy solutions. The secret is creating a safe environment where you don’t reject the first idea that comes to mind. This allows your creative juices to overflow from your cup to the table to the floor.
1. Human can dig through the snow and scoop up some dirt from the garden.
  2. Human can use coffee to melt the ice.
 3. Human can use table salt.
 4. Human can pull the car from behind.
 5. Human can signal Batman for help.
Your list will only get better after your first couple of ideas. Clearly.
Come back down from the clouds. The fun part’s over. It’s time step back into reality and downsize your list of ideas to a bite size pill that’s easy to swallow. This is where you will choose the Top 3 weapon of choice.
Okay Human, take it away.
Top 3 Weapon of Choice:
 1. Dirt.
 2. Coffee.
 3. Batman. Table salt.
Carefully go through your list by implementing each one to solve the problem until your tires grip. This part is all about trial and error but don’t be discouraged when the first couple of ideas don’t pan out. Failure is good. Failure means trying. Failure is “almost there”.
Take #1: Human finds dirt too hard.
 Take #2: Human will not give up coffee.
Before you know it…
You’re an awkward turtle no more. Thank you, table salt!
When a problem arises, dance with it! Look at it as an opportunity to exercise your creativity and explore outside of your comfort zone. There is no wrong or right answer when it comes to creativity. It’s different for everyone and it’s about finding what works best for you in what ever situation you’re in.
The beauty of creativity is in the art of the process. You can quote me on that one, kids.

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