My name is Rachel and I have Mommy Brain.

“Pregnant 6+ weeks” I can vividly remember the moments leading up to delivery; weekly check ups on every possible pregnancy websites, reading the same article for the hundredth time and searching for that perfect role model to guide me through a fit and healthy pregnancy. That’s when I instantly knew — I was addicted.

Even 17 months later my mind is consumed with thoughts of baby this and baby that. I didn’t know how to stop, nor did I want it to stop. When I hear mommy brain, I see a mother who’s lost, flustered and just clueless with their surroundings. And boy, was I wrong. Experiencing mommy brain first hand gave me a new perspective. That lost, flustered, clueless mother was really overwhelmed with love and with love comes so many worries and anxiety. As a mom you can’t help but think about the future and plan every step, fill in every holes and scratch every itch. It’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s more we have so many things to do. We put it on ourselves to carry so much responsibilities that we begin to lose sight of the present and most importantly ourself. We’re so consumed with what the future may bring that we don’t even pay close attention to what’s right under our nose. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to plan ahead but we must know when too much is too much. For me it got to the point where all I did was worry and kept everything circling in my head. This stopped me from taking action and made me so unaware of time. Everyday should be taken with great appreciation and purpose. Creating healthy habits of doing more and thinking less frees us from ruminating and away from depression. Mommy brain is natural but learn to be in control of it rather than be controlled by it and a matter of strong will to be consistent and always aware of our thoughts.

Be patient and truly, deeply take care of yourself. It’s a long journey so enjoy every bit of it because isn’t that what life’s all about?

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