ball is life


I don’t follow basketball but I enjoy going to the games for the environment; seeing hardcore fans in their get-up, parents holding pizzas on pizzas for their children, and people like me who’s there to be there. I am totally not taking advantage of the fact that Olivia gets in for free at all. Okay, ya caught me. Who doesn’t love freebies? So why the heck not. Plus you get an evening to put make up on, wear clothes that don’t have an imprint of your high school logo and just be out of the house. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to go through security with food and drinks in your bag? Felt pretty badass for a second. It was Olivia’s first game and thankfully I was able to get my hands on earmuffs and she loved every minute of her muffled game. (By the way, How cute does she look!?) I spent the evening with two of my cousins to get that much needed girls night out and they’re always great company to have. I can’t explain the endless tease of poutine every direction I looked. It was very tempting but I stayed strong and kept $11 in the bank, Cha-Ching!

I’ve been getting better traveling alone with Olivia. I’ve learned to pack more efficiently and not bring along the unnecessary items that’ll weigh me down. Commutting with a 15 month-old child is tiring but worth every aches and pain I get the next morning. During our travels, we’re able to interact with others, get my strength training on and put a smile on everyones’ faces as Olivia bats her lashes at them. I’m starting to appreciate the time commutting from place to place because I’m able to see the transition from where I started to where I want to be. And cliché as it sounds, happiness is the journey not the destination.

So hold on to that handrail, happiness is just a transfer away.

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