sushi today, gone tomorrow

I’m pretty awesome at anything I put my mind into. When I want to be lazy I become the best laziest person there is. There are times when all I want to do is stay in bed, tuck myself in and hide from the world. The kid in me just wants to yell, “Five more minutes, ma!”. Other times I lock motivation outside my room and swallow the imaginary key after going All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi-Crazy the night before. The lethargic feeling bleeds over the next day and I start to use the remaining energy from last night’s dragon roll to convince myself how much I deserve to stay in bed and watch another episode. But being lazy eventually becomes hard work and gets tiresome. Can I get an Amen?
It’s time to get uncomfortable.
 So how do I keep myself productive? It’s about taking small steps. Productivity begins with a decision. Decide you want it then just go for it. Don’t think, just do and if you want to succeed, be consistent. It’s that simple. Begin by making a list the night before as this will set the tone for the following day and if you’re just starting off, make the list easy to do. Once it becomes a habit and a routine go ahead and build it up, buttercup.
My list would look like this:
Press snooze at 7:45 am, 
get up at 8:00 am, 
make a bottle for Olivia,
say a prayer, 
play upbeat music, 
Since my list begins with simple actions, by the time I check off the fourth and fifth points I begin to feel more confident and start to build momentum for the day. When you continuously see your tasks being checked off, you’ll feel inclined to tackle them all the way to the end. It’s really all in your head. As each day goes by, challenge yourself with little changes. So instead of getting up at 8:00 am after pressing snooze, get up at 7:50 am. Then eventually there’ll be no more snooze, you simply just get up. My main goal right now is to feel productive and see growth, and not so much being completely different from my everyday self. I find that by going straight for the kill sets you up for failure because there’s a higher chance you’ll burn out quicker

Remember it’s about small consistent steps. You’ll begin to feel empowered and capable to take on larger challenges the more you progress. A year from now be kind and pay yourself a compliment, go ahead and pat yourself on the belly and be proud a dragon roll no longer controls you.

Repeat after me:  I’m not looking for a quick fix, I am looking for a lifestyle.

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